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WEB Application and API Protection

WAAP Service

AIONCLOUD's WEB Application & API Protection(WAAP) provides security functions for various web vulnerabilities, user-defined access control.


Domain Information Menu

Domain Information menu where you can search the list of domains registered in WAAP and add/change/delete domains.

① Add Domain : This button takes you to the 'Register Domain' page where you can register a new domain.

② Domain List : A list of domains registered for protection with the WAAP.

For the root domain, the Domain Records button is displayed on the right. You can click the Domain Records button to go to the DNS management menu for that root domain. Subdomains that are children of the root domain are displayed as sets of children of the root domain.

In the case of sub domains where the root domain is not registered, it is displayed as a separate list as shown in the figure below.

Click on each domain listing to see a month-long summary of that domain. The data of summary information is initialized on the 1st of every month.