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WEB Application and API Protection

WAAP Service

AIONCLOUD's WEB Application & API Protection(WAAP) provides security functions for various web vulnerabilities, user-defined access control.


Domain Information Menu

Domain management menu where you can search the list of domains registered in WAAP and add/change/delete domains.

① Add Domain : This button takes you to the 'Register Domain' page where you can register a new domain.

② Domain List : A list of domains registered for protection with the WAAP.

For the root domain, the Domain Records button is displayed on the right. You can click the Domain Records button to go to the DNS management menu for that root domain. Subdomains that are children of the root domain are displayed as sets of children of the root domain.

In the case of sub domains where the root domain is not registered, it is displayed as a separate list as shown in the figure below.

Click on each domain listing to see a month-long summary of that domain. The data of summary information is initialized on the 1st of every month.

  • WAAP
    • Port
      Port information set as a WAAP protection target. Requests received to ports that are not set as protection targets will be rejected.

    • Traffic
      Capacity information for traffic handled by WAAP. Traffic is expressed in MBytes or GBytes.

    • Visit
      Number of transactions processed by WAAP.

    • Threats
      Number of transactions blocked by WAAP's security policy.

  • CDN

    This feature is only available for paid customers.
    You can change your subscription plan in the UserPortal's Billing menu.

    • Traffic
      Capacity information for traffic handled by CDN. Traffic is expressed in MBytes or GBytes.

    • Save
      Capacity information for traffic cached by CDN.
    • Request
      Number of requests processed by CDN.
    • HIT
      Hit rate information for requests processed by CDN.

  • DNS Status
    Information on whether the DNS record for that domain has been changed to the WAAP's proxy address.

    The DNS lookup result for that domain is not in the WAAP's proxy address.
    In this case, the domain is not covered by WAAP's security services.

    The DNS record for that domain is set to the proxy address of the WAAP, and traffic is passing through the WAAP.

  • Edit / Delete / Detail

    A button that lets you navigate to the Modify Domain Information menu.

    This button allows you to delete a domain.

    A button that allows you to view details other than domain summary information.


    • Domain
      The name of the registered domain.

    • CNAME
      The name of the CNAME record issued for that domain.

    • Origin
      The destination address of the destination (web server) to which the WAAP proxy forwards traffic.
      Depending on the type of destination address, it is output in the form of an A record or CNAME record.

    • Certificate Expiration Date
      Information about the expiration date of the registered domain certificate. Output only if HTTPS is being serviced.

    • Certificate Type
      Printed if you used a free certificate from AIONCLOUD.


Domain Registration

To use WAAP's security features, you must first register the domain associated with the web server.
Before registering the domain in WAAP, please check the following information in advance.
  • The type of domain you want to register(Root domain or subdomain)
    In AIONCLOUD WAAP, as shown in the figure below, a domain with a prefix such as 'www' is called a 'subdomain', and a domain without a prefix is ​​called a 'root domain'.
    Depending on the type of domain, the method of connecting the domain with the WAAP proxy will be different.


  • Whether the domain is hosted or not
    Only web services in which the domain is actually hosted and in service can be registered in WAAP.
    If you would like to register a domain with WAAP before hosting your web service, please contact our support center.
  • Web service Protocol and Port

  • SSL certificate and key file
    If your web server is serving HTTPS, please obtain an SSL certificate and key file in advance.
    The types of certificate files that can be registered with WAAP are crt, pem, and pfx.

    If you cannot obtain an SSL certificate and key file, or if you are not serving HTTPS, you can obtain and use a free certificate from AIONCLOUD.

① Go to domain registration menu

 To register a new domain in WAAP, click the Add Domain button at the top right of the 'Domain Info' menu to move to the domain registration menu.